Simply Slip, Zip, Re-Grip!

Check out our installation video to let us guide you through the process of installing your new Stick Grip®. Do you currently have tape on the equipment you’re re-gripping? No worries! You can either remove your old tape or leave it on. The Stick Grip® works equally well either way.

How it Works

The newest and most effective sports grip technology to hit the market in 50 years. Applying the grip is simple and takes less than 60 seconds.
All you have to do is place the grip over the handle and pull the zip cord out (similar to pulling a lawn mower cord) to tightly secure the grip. The Stick Grip® will shrink and wrap itself to the handle as you pull out the zip cord, securing itself perfectly air tight with a quality control rating far superior than every other grip on the market. No glue, heat or tape needed!

Advanced Engineering

Applies in 60 seconds and won't unravel!

Optimal Performance

Tackiness lasts 10x longer than tape. Easy to clean and towel dry.


Swing-gripping tread keeps you in control in all weather conditions


Tension dorced grip maximizes torque and swing speed

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Installation Videos